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ALCS Game 4: Red Sox vs. Tigers

For all that the Red Sox are up 2-1, for all that they've retaken home field advantage, this Game 4 against Doug Fister feels almost like a must win. Sure, the Red Sox managed to win games started by Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander to get to this point. Sure, they came within one big hit of doing the same in Anibal Sanchez' start. But the pure domination showed by each of those three starters for most of their outings is frightening enough that needing to win another two games against them is...well, it's not something we should want to think about.

Doug Fister? Doug Fister is a different sort of pitcher. Very good, just not quite as terrifying as those first three. Jake Peavy might not quite be favored in this matchup, but he's certainly not much of an underdog either. Of all the games--five, six, or seven--this series will see, this one seems like Boston's best chance to take one.

And if they do? Looking up at 3-1 is not exactly an encouraging place to be.

Go Sox!