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Red Sox vs. Tigers score: Scoreless in the fifth, Red Sox not being no-hit...anymore

The Red Sox have a hit! Barely...

Mike Ehrmann

The good news for Red Sox fans: they are not being no-hit, and the game is tied at 0-0.

The bad news for Red Sox: that first part is only true since this fifth inning.

For four more frames to start Game 3, the Red Sox were held without a hit. The scene was not quite the same as against Anibal Sanchez or Max Scherzer. Where Scherzer allowed basically nothing, and Sanchez worked around walk after walk after walk, Verlander at least allowed a very loud foul from Jonny Gomes, and an even louder out from David Ortiz that nearly cleared the wall in left:



Yes, we've gotten to the point where Boston's foul balls and loud outs are highlight material, at least consdering

But all the strikeouts were there--Verlander has eight so far--and the Red Sox don't look much more likely to score off of him than they did off of either Sanchez or Scherzer. Even their one hit was of the infield variety, though Jonny Gomes at least hit it in such a way that you might have expected it to make the outfield:


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