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Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Shane Victorino

Today's loaded edition of Daily Links features stories on David Ortiz's return to greatness, Dustin Pedroia's eagerness to return to the World Series, and cop known around the world (and the player who hates him).

Jim Rogash

It's been a while since we saw David Ortiz in his postseason season form, but as he reminded us on Sunday he's pretty phenomenal when it comes to postseason play. (Alex Speier;

Some would say Ortiz is walking among postseason legends. (Ian Browne;

Dustin Pedroia is pretty good at baseball, and he wants exhibit that in this year's World Series. (Doug Miller;

Shane Victorino won't try to pull his leaning over the plate tactics against Verlander, as the right-hander throws pretty hard. (Scout Lauber; Boston Herald)

Meet the most famous cop in the world. (Joe McDonald;

Meet a player who is upset at the world's most famous cop. (Alex Speier;

It was basically impossible that the Red Sox and the Patriots both pulled off miraculous comebacks. (Nick O'Malley;

Ben Carsley was at Game 2. He shared his experience from the bleachers. (Ben Carsley; Fire Brand of the AL)

The Red Sox believed they would come back in Game 2, but their season was very much on the brink. (Evan Drellich;

Expect Boston to stick with its patient approach. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Even though he's at 80 percent, Miguel Cabrera is 100% baseball's best. (Alden Gonzalez;

Tim Britton examines the unorthodox route the Tigers took to build their rotation. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

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