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Most Valuable Red Sox: ALCS, Game 2

Spoilers: it's David Ortiz

Al Bello

The Red Sox have knotted the ALCS at 1-1 after a dramatic walkoff win in Fenway Park. Now let's dole out the arbitrary awards!

Here are the candidates for tonight:

Jonny Gomes

Scored the winning, nay, walkoff run. Nope

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Picked up the walkoff hit, which would usually be pretty hard to top in a playoff game, y'know? But nope.

Koji Uehara

Held the tie in the ninth so that the Red Sox could walk off in the bottom of the inning. We love ya, Koji, but nope.

David Freakin' Ortiz

Hint! It's this guy! The one who hit the game-tying homer! The one who hit the game-tying Grand Slam! The guy who, nearly a decade after he made the ALCS his own, is still getting the job done! This is your most valuable Red Sox. You're voting for him. You would be even if I weren't about to completely rig this poll.