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Daily Red Sox Links: Jonny Gomes, Jake Peavy, Xander Bogaerts

I navigated rough seas in search of the best Red Sox links for today's Columbus Day edition of Daily Links, and I accomplished my mission (the links are from before the miraculous game two victory, though).

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Watching playoff baseball can get pretty exhausting, as shown in the first two games of the ALCS, but Jonny Gomes reminds us it's actually more mentally exhausting for those who are, you know, actually playing in the playoffs. (Kyle Brasseur;

Daniel Poarch revists the Jake Peavy deal. (Daniel Poarch; Fire Brand of the AL)

Xander Bogaerts is making a case to receive more playing time. (Ron Chimelis;

Craig Forde revisits the major-league rises of Bogaerts and Brandon Workman. (Craig Forde;

Jose Iglesias wasn't surprised to see his former club in the ALCS. (T.R. Sullivan;

Iglesias' teammate, Torii Hunter, really wants to play in the World Series. (Kevin McNamara; Providence Journal)

As we saw in Game 2, Tigers starters are forcing changes to Boston's lineup. Alex Speier explains why. (Alex Speier;

SoxProspects continued its Top 40 Season in Review series on Friday. (Alex Skillin;

Our own Matthew Kory ranked the final four teams in the postseason. (Matthew Kory; Sports on Earth)

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