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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 89 - Previewing the ALCS

The OTM Podcast is back and ever so timely. It's time to look back at the series just past and analyze the one upcoming.

Mmm... bat smell good
Mmm... bat smell good
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Will you look at this? The OTM Podcast is back, and in a timely manner! What the...? We know, we know, but if you can move past your shock, you'll see that this week Matthew Kory and Brendan O'Toole have the job, NAY! the privilege of reviewing the Red Sox four game smoke-job of the Tampa Rays in the American League Division Series. They look at what made the difference for Boston against Tampa, then move on to preview the Red Sox upcoming matchup with the other Division Series champs, the Detroit Tigers.

Do the Tigers have more pitching than Boston can handle? Will the Red Sox slug their way to the World Series? We don't know! But we'll tell you what we think anyway! On this, the 89th episode of the Over the Monster Podcast!

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