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Daily Red Sox Links: Joel Hanrahan, Matt Barnes, Adam LaRoche

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Today's links include stories on Joel Hanrahan's adjustment to Boston, a Hall of Fame ballot, and a look at the future of base-stealing.

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Joel Hanrahan finds himself in a situation that he's never been in, now pitching in the pressure-cooker of Boston. He's not worried, though. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Today's the day. This afternoon, the Hall of Fame class will be announced, and we can finally stop speculating. Here's Sean McAdam's ballot, in which he uses some strange logic in explaining why he voted for Jeff Bagwell, but not Mike Piazza. (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)

The Red Sox currently find themselves in a position where they possess shaky starting pitching. With their farm system, they may not be in this position for too long. (Alex Speier;

We're getting closer and closer to the start of Spring Training, one of the happiest day of the year. Michael Clair gives us ten reasons to be excited about the upcoming season. (Michael Clair; Platoon Advantage)

Eno Sarris takes an interesting look at the league's trends when it comes to swinging, and getting hits, on first pitches. (Eno Sarris; Fangraphs)

Yesterday, the Nationals finally signed Adam LaRoche to a two-year deal. Peter Abraham explains what the signing means for the Red Sox. (Peter Abraham;

R.J. Anderson examines how base-stealing has changed by comparing a veteran base-swiper with some younger guys. (R.J. Anderson; Baseball Prospectus)

In news that doesn't really matter but for some reason is still very interesting to me, MLB will be switching their bullpen phones from land lines to cell phones. Let's hope this leads to more commercials with the T-Mobile girl. (Drew Silva; Hardball Talk)