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Jim Callis Ranks Red Sox Farm System Fifth Overall

One of Baseball America's prospect gurus shares his thoughts on Boston prospects


It's still a little early in the off-season to see where outlets like Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus feel the Red Sox farm system ranks. But, that doesn't mean the authors who help to build those organizational rankings can't speak up and let us know how they feel about Boston's future in comparison to the rest of the league. Jim Callis of Baseball America does just that in his latest "Ask BA" session:

5. Red Sox
Help is on the way with Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley, Matt Barnes and Allen Webster.

That's all the information given, so it's tough to know if Callis thinks very, very highly of the top-end of the system, or if he thinks that, in addition to this group of soon-to-be major-league players, there's plenty of depth to go around. (Without even counting non-prospect young players like Rubby De La Rosa, Felix Doubront, and Ryan Kalish.) Regardless of the why, this is the most-optimistic view of the Boston farm system out there -- nobody dislikes the system, but it essentially ranges from middle-of-the-pack due to being top heavy to what Callis has said, as well as various thoughts in between those extremes.