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Daily Red Sox Links: Xander Bogaerts, Bryce Brentz, Mike Napoli

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Today's prospect-laden edition of Daily Links includes stories on Xander Bogaerts' past, Bryce Brentz's power, Mike Napoli's contract, and more Bogaerts.

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It's no secret that sport fans love to know the background stories of the athletes they follow. Here's one beautifully composed for Red Sox top prospect Xander Bogaerts. (Ashley Marshall;

Bogaerts mentions a certain idol of his in Marshall's story. That idol is none other than Hanley Ramirez. How does the current Red Sox prospect stack up against the former one? (Ben Carsley; Fire Brand of the AL)

Bernie Pleskoff gives his musings on what he saw from Bryce Brentz during the Arizona Fall League, and no surprise here: he brings power to the table. (Bernie Pleskoff;

The Red Sox remain hopeful that the Mike Napoli deal will be finalized. It's been over a month since the two sides agreed to the terms of the deal. (Peter Abraham;

Tim Britton gives the people his opinion on what were the two best performances of 2012. I'll be honest, I was mildly surprised at his picks. For me, one of those honors should have been given to Justin Germano for his dominance against the Yankees. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

Two Red Sox players believe what the fans think: the team needs pitching. But they do disclose that they feel optimistic over what Ben Cherington has achieved thus far this offseason. (Mike Giardi;

If for any reason you crave some opinions from Bobby Valentine this season (because we all know we didn't get enough last season), you're in luck. He's going to host his own talk show this year on NBC Sports. (Richard Deitsch; Sports Illustrated)