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Daily Red Sox Links: Clay Buchholz, Javier Vazquez, Giancarlo Stanton

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Today's links include stories on the Red Sox rotation, some potential story lines in the 2013 season, and a proposed rule change to offset the current qualifying offer concerns.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Bill Baer takes a look at the Red Sox rotation. While I think he undersells Clay Buchholz a bit, he brings up some legit worries for the unit. (Bill Baer; ESPN Sweetspot Blog)

Brian MacPherson also talks about how much the rotation needs to improve, but is much more optimistic than Baer about their chances. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

As has been rumored, the Red Sox scouted Javier Vazquez over the weekend. Alex Cora, the GM for Vazquez's Puerto Rico Winter League team, offers a scouting report on the pitcher. (Alex Speier;

There has been a lot of discussion lately surrounding the current qualifying offer rules. Brad Johnson proposes a solution. (Brad Johnson; Hardball Times)

Daniel Poarch saves us all the trouble and fills us in on the biggest narrative-driven story lines we'll be facing in the upcoming season. (Daniel Poarch; Fire Brand of the AL)

While the Rangers have had a relatively tough offseason thus far, Paul Swydan wants you to know that the sky in Texas is not falling. (Paul Swydan; Fangraphs)

John Tomase writes about the end of an era being represented by the next few years in Hall of Fame voting. (John Tomase; Boston Herald)

The baseball world wept yesterday when reports came out that the Marlins would not be dealing Giancarlo Stanton. (Drew Silva; Hardball Talk)