OTM Community Awards - Results!

Voting has finally ended, and it's time to honor the best our community has to offer. For whatever that is worth, I guess.

In addition to bragging rights and the ability to add your award to your signature to make others jealous, each winner will get a special prize for calendar year 2013.

Most Missed Poster: Randy Booth

Of course he isn't here to accept his award, but if he does stop by, we miss you Randy, and want you back in the comments.

Prize: you get to come back.

Rookie of the Year Award: 0bsessions

There may not have been many nominees, but two rookies really stood out this year, quickly becoming mainstays. In the end, 0bsessions took the prize, but this isn't to downplay the contributions of our Aussie friend kimmel09. Both are already among my favorites. Especially because they didn't begin their time with a dumbass "Play Hard Always" or "African American Style" or "Red Sox Fan Pole" fanpost.

Prize: You also get to come back, and constantly question whether you will become OTM's Angel Berroa. Also, you can haze all the new rookies, and punish them for not having been here already.

Funniest Pouster: Bloggy

(Extra U added so Bloggy will understand what the hell that word means)

For consistent high quality in his billions of annual posts, Bloggy is officially the funniest bastard of all of you. However, i would be remiss if I didn't mention nuthinboutnuthin's deranged allegories, and Tessie's Dad's insanely high quality to quantity ratio.

Prize: Every response you get from AlohaSox will begin with Ha ha ha!

Nostradumbass - Most Inexplicably Prescient: gizmosandy

He may have nominated himself for nearly every category, but sandy finally gets one for his extraordinary ability to tell the future in spite of absolutely no proof or logical reasoning. When truly anything can happen with a team, I guess they make it easy on us.

Prize: Introducing Sandy's Law: Once a day sandy can invoke Sandy's Law to declare victory in an argument about the future.

Gammo Award for Best Baseball Knowledge: Wolf9309

This ended up rather close, with Wolf9309 beating out BobZupcic, both worthy candidates.

Prize: anything Wolf says is to be taken as the Word Of God by the community for the entire year. Abuse the hell out of it, Wolf.

Fanposter of the Year: steel sox

steel sox has proven to be an asset with his well-written, analytical fanposts. Special mention goes to the Going Back In Time series from July this year.

Prize: People will actually comment on your excellent posts this year (c'mon people, nobody commented on that series I mentioned). Also, you're replacing the Globe's writers, congrats!

Commenter of the Year: Bloggy

For his dedication, consistency, humour, and all-around Nova Scotiability, Bloggy is the very best poster of 2012. Bloggy is passionate about this team, and a joy to have around in the comments. We're certainly glad to have you here.

And I have to mention AlohaSox, who lost by a single vote. Aloha is OTM's built-in second act: whenever you think a post has finished, the next morning it will magically have 40 more posts. Even if his Hawaiian-assisted positive disposition has been a bit shattered by how much we suck, he remains about as happy as can be.

Prize: Beats me, this pretty much elevates you to King. Decide on your own benefits, and remember the humble servant who ran the competition, your lordship.

Congratulations to all the victors and votegetters! Here's to a happy 2013!