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Daily Red Sox Links: Jason Varitek, Scott Atchison, Alex Rodriguez

Today's links include stories on the Red Sox's infield, the way sports are covered in today's world, and the controversy surrounding Alex Rodriguez.


Bullpen coach and catching instructor Gary Tuck announced his retirement on Tuesday, but don't expect Jason Varitek to be his replacement. (Alex Speier;

Peter Abraham previews Boston's group of infielders heading into 2013. (Peter Abraham;

Scott Atchison has been a good reliever in his time in Boston, but the team's depth in the bullpen softens the impact of him leaving for New York. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)

Rob Neyer wonders if it should be easier for teams in similar situations to the one the Yankees find themselves in with Alex Rodriguez. (Rob Neyer; Baseball Nation)

Hunter Golden has some thoughts on the mainstream media. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)

The Astros immediate future looks pretty bleak, but they are going about rebuilding their team the right way. (Jeff Moore; Hardball Times)

Emma Span is sick of having the same conversation over and over again regarding to players in steroid scandals. (Emma Span; Sports on Earth)

Rich Hill has pitched well when he's been healthy, but he has also suffered multiple arm injuries over recent seasons. He says he is 100 percent healthy now, though. (Maureen Mullen; CSN New England)