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Daily Red Sox Links: Andrew Miller, Scott Atchison, Anthony Ranaudo

Today's links include stories on the team's search for frontline starting pitching, their overall depth, and a reliever who won't be returning in 2013.


Brian MacPherson looks at some potential front-line starting pitching candidates on the trade market. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Andrew Miller took a huge step forward last year, and is ready to take yet another in 2013. (Maureen Mullen; CSN New England)

The Red Sox active roster is pretty much set at this point, barring any major trades. Alex Speier examines the team's major-league depth. (Alex Speier;

Barry Bonds put up some ridiculous numbers during his career. Geoff Young shares some of the more interesting of those numbers. (Geoff Young; Baseball Prospectus)

Yesterday, the Mets signed Scott Atchison. To him, it became clear that he wouldn't be returning to Boston pretty early in the offseason. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)

Anthony Ranaudo struggled for much of 2012, making 2013 a big season in terms of his prospect status. (Matt Huegel; ESPN Boston)

Matt Snyder discusses the double-standard seen in reactions to steroids in baseball versus football. (Matt Snyder; CBS Eye On Baseball)

Peter Abraham breaks down the Red Sox bullpen as it stands today. (Peter Abraham;