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Daily Red Sox Links: Xander Bogaerts, Allen Webster, Ryan Sweeney

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Today's edition includes articles on the World Baseball Classic's impact on Xander Bogaerts' future position, Allen Webster, and the weakened state of Boston's sports media.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Team Netherlands' roster features three shortstops with supreme talent. This could potentially cause Red Sox top prospect Xander Bogaerts to play third during the WBC, and the Red Sox are cognizant of this. (Alex Speier;

Red Sox director of player development Ben Crockett and an unnamed scout assess Allen Webster, who is excited and thankful for the opportunity to be in Boston. (Maureen Mullen;

Ryan Sweeney is eager to return to Boston. In fact, so eager he told Ben Cherington to try him at first base prior to his signing. (Evan Drellich;

Pawtucket will finally receive an infusion of youth in its starting rotation this season. Something that has gone astray over the years, especially last. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Jonny Gomes isn't thinking about his long-term future with his new club, but Jacoby Ellsbury's. (Gordon Edes;

Here are two articles that caused stirs in the baseball world yesterday:

  1. Alan Siegal discusses the current, weakened, awful, spoiled state of sports media in Boston. (Alan Siegal; Boston Magazine)
  2. An economist conferred reasons for the Rays to stay in Tampa Bay to a columnist. He's a paid consultant for MLB. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)