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Daily Red Sox Links: Shane Victorino, Pedro Martinez, Daniel Nava

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Today's links include stories on the newly hired Pedro Martinez, Daniel Nava being Daniel Nava, and one more quick look at Terry Francona's new book.

Jared Wickerham

Traditionally, the top of a lineup looks pretty similar day-to-day. That won't be the case for the Red Sox next year, though, especially with respect to Shane Victorino. (Tim Britton; Providence Journal)

One reason you don't see a ton of great players turn into great coaches is that they try to make their players pitch like they once did when they were great. With new special assistant to the GM, Pedro Martinez, it won't be like that. (Scott Lauber; Boston Herald)

Daniel Nava has had a long, hard road to the big leagues. Now that he's almost certainly going to have a spot on the active roster come April, he's ready for any role the team needs him to fill. (Joe McDonald;

The Yankees haven't done much this offseason, but are they really that much worse in 2013? (Rob Neyer; Baseball Nation)

Words can't describe how excited I am that Pedro is back with the Red Sox in any capacity. And he's ready to be back. (Peter Abraham;

After trading Justin Upton to Atlanta, the Diamondbacks made it very clear the type of player they want on their roster. (Drew Fairservice; The Score)

With his book remaining a big story around Boston, Terry Francona continues to insist he's not bitter about his tenure with the Red Sox. (Maureen Mullen; CSN New England)

Garrett Wilson has an idea for a contract-clause that, while I don't think it's really possible, is a very interesting though. (Garrett Wilson; The Outside Corner)