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Red Sox, Craig Breslow Agree To Two-Year Deal With Option

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The Red Sox and Craig Breslow have agreed to a two-year contract with an option for 2015, avoiding arbitration and then some.

Jared Wickerham

The Red Sox have not only avoided arbitration with Craig Breslow, but locked up the left-handed reliever for an extra year according to Tim Brown.

While the team was only $50,000 apart with Breslow in their arbitration filings, they seem to have gone another step, signing Breslow through what would have been his first year of free agency with a $6.25 million contract with an option that could bring the deal up to $10.15 million. Brown doesn't say for sure whose option it is, but given the numbers involved it seems safe to assume it's the team's.

The Sox will be paying Breslow a little more than they had to for 2013, and relievers are always a bit of a risk on multi-year deals, but it's hard not to like the move for the Red Sox. A bad bullpen can really drag a team down, after all, and Breslow has been about as reliable as relievers get without earning a closing role and the massive pay spike that comes with it.

The Sox were always looking at last a little bit into the future with Craig Breslow. That he was going to be around for 2013 was probably about as important as the sheer jump in quality when the Sox traded the fluky Matt Albers for him at the deadline. Now they've added one more year, with a possibility for two should he continue to pitch at his usual high level. Good news for the teams that we're really expecting to compete at a high level.