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Red Sox Arbitration Streak Will (Likely) Continue

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The Red Sox have only one more arbitration case left to settle, and that one's a gimme. The decade-long streak of avoiding the bargaining table will continue.

Jim Rogash

It's not done yet, but in much the same way that news outlets can project the outcome of the election weeks before the final vote is cast, it's safe to say now that the Red Sox will continue their decade-long streak of avoiding arbitration.

At this point, the Red Sox have settled with all but one player. Here are the deals they've already reached, per Rob Bradford:

Alfredo Aceves: $2.65 million

Andrew Bailey: $4.1 million

Daniel Bard: $1.86 million

Jacoby Ellsbury: $9 million

Joel Hanrahan: $7.04 million

Andrew Miller: $1.48 million

Franklin Morales: $1.49 million

Pardon the significant digits travesty.

That leaves only Craig Breslow. Where does that negotiation sit? All of $50,000 apart, according to Jon Heyman.

Now, maybe Craig Breslow is a man of principle. Maybe he won't agree to split the difference between his $2.375 million figure and Boston's $2.325 million, but unless he's just itching for a fight, you can bet he'll accept when the Sox subsequently shrug and offer him the full $2.375.

The Sox don't like to go to the table with their players. They don't like the potential bad blood it can create. There was some question this year, thanks to guys like Joel Hanrahan and Jacoby Ellsbury, whether they would be able to keep their streak going. Now it seems pretty clear that they will.