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Shane Victorino The Lone Red Sox On Team USA

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None of the American-born Boston starting rotation has joined the World Baseball Classic, and for that we should all be thankful

Jared Wickerham

Our week-long regional nightmare is over, as no Boston Red Sox pitchers, from the rotation or the bullpen, have joined Team USA for the World Baseball Classic. While there is no guarantee that pitching in the WBC could lead to injury, the chance does exist that someone might ramp up their workload a little quicker than they need to, and someone under contract with Boston might go all Daisuke Matsuzaka on them once more. The last thing the Sox need is to have that happen to them. Plus, these guys have enough work to do with their new manager and new pitching coach, anyway, and that should be reason enough to stick around.

This is coming from someone who adores the concept of the World Baseball Classic, too. Priority should sit with the player's team, so if there are any legitimate reasons to stay around for spring training, they should be invoked.

MLB's official Twitter account unveiled Team USA's roster on Thursday morning:

Position Player
Position Player
C/1B Joe Mauer
LHP Jeremy Affeldt
C Jose Arencibia
LHP Tim Collins
C Jonathan Lucroy
LHP Derek Holland
1B Mark Teixeira
LHP Glen Perkins
2B Brandon Phillips
RHP Heath Bell
SS Jimmy Rollins
RHP Mitchell Boggs
3B David Wright
RHP Steve Cishek
UT Ben Zobrist
RHP R.A. Dickey
UT Willie Bloomquist
RHP Luke Gregerson
OF Ryan Braun
RHP Craig Kimbrel
OF Adam Jones
RHP Kris Medlen
OF Giancarlo Stanton
RHP Chris Perez
OF Shane Victorino
RHP Vinnie Pestano

RHP Ryan Vogelsong

Victorino, as we already knew, is on the squad, as the fourth outfielder.

Boston isn't entirely out of the woods yet, as the rest of the rosters are set to be announced at 4 pm on MLB Network. Ryan Dempster was still talking to Team Canada about joining their squad, and not everyone in the Sox' bullpen is of American descent. Just a few more hours, though, and we'll all know if there's anyone we need to spend March worrying about.