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Daily Red Sox Links: Mike Napoli, Xander Bogaerts, Michael Morse

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Today's edition includes stories about the Michael Morse trade, and how it affects the Red Sox, Xander Bogaerts' push to the big leagues, and Terry Francona's upcoming book.


Yesterday, the Nationals traded Michael Morse to Seattle. The first baseman was seen as a viable plan-B in case the Red Sox couldn't sign Mike Napoli, and his trade should help the negotiations move a little more quickly. (Scott Lauber; Boston Herald)

Many people are running with the theory that Xander Bogaerts won't be able to stick at shortstop long-term, but don't tell him that. (Sean McAdam; CSN New England)

First base has always been one of the premier offensive positions in baseball, but has seen a major drop-off in performance in recent years. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)

Getting back to that Morse trade for a minute, Mariners blogger Jeff Sullivan isn't exactly pleased with the deal. (Jeff Sullivan; Lookout Landing)

With Morse now in Seattle, Peter Abraham wonders if another one of their many first baseman/outfielders could be a target for the Red Sox. (Peter Abraham;

As the offseason begins to wind down, Dan Szymborski looks at some of the biggest missed opportunities from around the league this winter. (Dan Szymborski; ($$$$)

The staff over at Baseball Prospectus looks at some of the top candidates for comeback seasons in 2013. (Baseball Prospectus Staff)

Hunter Golden has some thoughts on Terry Francona teaming up with Dan Shaughnessy to write his new book. (Hunter Golden; Fire Brand of the AL)