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Daily Red Sox Links: Mike Napoli, Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds

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Today's edition looks at the ever-lingering contract negotiations of Mike Napoli, Curt Schilling's arduous road to Cooperstown, along with his thoughts on how the Red Sox will do this year, and how Barry Bonds played within the rules.

J. Meric

Mike Napoli talk has surfaced again. This time Ben Cherington lets everybody know that the team is still talking to the first baseman. Shocking. (Kirk Minihane;

It's not easy making it into the Hall of Fame, just ask this year's class. Curt Schilling will learn just how hard the sacred journey to Cooperstown really is. (Gordon Edes;

Speaking of Schilling, the ESPN analyst believes it'll be very hard for his former club to take the AL East crown this season. (Alex Speier;

Steve Silva seems to be on the same page as Schilling, as he predicts the Red Sox will finish fourth in the division, ahead of the Orioles and below the Yankees. (Steve Silva;

A multitude of roster changes occurred in December for the Red Sox, especially in the farm system. Here's a recap of all of the minor-league commotion that went on during the final month of 2012. (James Dunne;

As you may have heard, MLB plans to expand its blood testing for HGH. Here's the original story of the historic alteration. (Bob Baum; Associated Press)

Learn how Barry Bonds played by the rules during his career in what was an unbelievably amazing read by writers of our very own network. (Michael and Colin MacDonald; SB Nation)

You know who's not overwhelmed with joy about the Hall of Fame shutout? The people of Cooperstown. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)