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Red Sox 1, Mariners 4: Laborious Game

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What is there to say in a seventh straight loss that has not already been said in the first six?

Well, at least this one was...different from the awfulness in Oakland.

The Red Sox actually got a relatively decent start from Clay Buchholz, especially if you look at how he actually pitched rather than the results on the scoreboard. The first three innings were good, the last three innings were good, it was just that middle fourth where things went wrong, and then it was largely thanks to ground balls.

On the whole, Buchholz picked up eight strikeouts, surrendered one walk, and hit a batter. The Mariners didn't even manage so much as a single extra-base hit. But somehow that's good for four runs--three earned between an awful bit of defense from Ryan Lavarnway, letting a throw get by him despite a complete lack of pressure, and a more routine error from Jose Iglesias, fumbling a ground ball when switching targets from second to third.

Still, four runs came across in the fourth, and like on their last trip out west, the Red Sox just cannot score runs. At least this time they have the excuse of a weakened lineup, but it would be nice to see someone other than Dustin Pedroia reaching base with some consistency.

With the loss, the Sox momentarily fall below the San Diego Padres to ninth in the draft order. We'll see if that sticks--the Padres play the rather more-impressive Dodgers tonight.