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Daily Red Sox Links: Ben Cherington, Jon Lester, Terry Francona

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The best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing from around the interwebs. Today's links feature pieces on Ben Cherington's non non-vote of confidence in Bobby Valentine, Jon Lester's inability to find himself, and Terry Francona's job prospects.

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So, remember when Ben Cherington said that thing that tacitly confirmed there would be a managerial search this off season, a statement which indicated that the team was going to fire Bobby Valentine? Yeah, retraction city. (Michael Vega and Matt Pepin;

For the Red Sox to have some level of success next season they're going to need a much better season out of Jon Lester than they got this year. Lester talks to Rob Bradford about his 2012 and his feelings on the future. (Rob Bradford;

Have you noticed how nobody in the Red Sox outfield can throw? Tim Britton has. (Tim Britton; The Providence Journal)

In the most pessimistic optimistic article you'll likely ever read, Chad Finn looks at some of the players who have done well for the Red Sox this season. (Chad Finn;

Yesterday Marc looked at how the rankings at Sox Prospects have changed since the beginning of the minor league season. Today Mike Andrews of Sox Prospects takes an in-depth look at the current top ten prospects in the Red Sox system. (Mike Andrews; Sox Prospects via ESPN Boston)

One place where they absolutely are firing the manager is Cleveland where they just fired the manager. Manny Acta got the axe-ta (Why? because I can.) from the Indians who will be managed by Sandy Alomar for the remainder of the season. (Peter Abraham;

So who will take Acta's spot full time? Speculation has centered on former Red Sox manager, Terry Francona. My question is, why would Francona want that job? (Ken Rosenthal; Fox Sports)

Tony La Russa has a new book and it's as informative, interesting, and full of itself as he is. (Emma Span; Sports on Earth)

Roger Clemens indicated he may try and pitch again next year. I'd like him to try. (Matthew Kory; Baseball Prospectus) (free!))

Remember these guys? For the most part they're not doing much better since leaving Boston for L.A. Well, nicer weather, maybe. Other than that they'll be sitting at home come October just like they would have if they had never been traded. (Marc Normandin; Baseball Nation)

Cliff Corcoran of SI looks at the leaders for the big awards and gives his picks as well. (Cliff Corcoran;