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Bo Porter Named Astros New Manager; Tim Bogar Remains In Boston

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The Astros hired their new manager after interviewing Tim Bogar, but it wasn't Boston's bench coach who got the gig.

J. Meric - Getty Images

Bo Porter, Washington's third base coach, has been hired by the Houston Astros as their new manager. As the Nationals are headed to the playoffs, the regular season won't mark the end of the year for Porter, so he's sticking with the Nationals until they are either eliminated or become World Series champions.

What does this have to do with the Red Sox? Bench coach Tim Bogar interviewed for the Houston gig, and was considered one of the finalists for the job along with Tampa Bay Rays' bench coach Dave Martinez. Obviously, he didn't win it, meaning that, for now, he's still part of the Boston coaching staff. Whether Bogar remains in 2013 -- and if he does, in what capacity -- is unknown at this point. But if you were counting him out as a potential new manager for Boston because he had an interview elsewhere, you can scrap that line of thinking for now.

Porter was considered one of the Nationals' internal candidates to replace manager Davey Johnson, whenever that would have been necessary, so the situation that could have happened with the Red Sox actually did happen to Washington.

Granted, Boston won't need Bogar around as a new managerial candidate if Bobby Valentine is correct in thinking that, because he hasn't been talked to about being fired yet, he will remain with the Red Sox. That being said, Valentine's thinking is along the same lines of, "I haven't died yet, therefore, I am immortal." Basically, we'll know when there's something to know, regardless of what the particulars are.