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Daily Red Sox Links: Jon Lester, Bobby Valentine, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

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Daily Red Sox Links brings you the best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing on the internet. Today, we bring you stories on Jon Lester's hopeful resurgence, an updated top-10 prospects list, and a look at the fascinating NL MVP race.

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  • Yesterday, there was a lot of talk around Over the Monster about rebuilding the starting rotation. Whether it's through free agency or trade, there is clearly a need for reinforcements in this group. However, one big piece to next year's puzzle will be Jon Lester. He has had a nightmare of a 2012, but if he can rebound in 2013, that will be a huge step for this Red Sox team. (Rob Bradford;
  • Over the past couple of nights, for the last two home games of the season, fans have been able to bask in the stars of old. One player prominently featured was this writer's favorite player of all time, Pedro Martinez. Brian MacPherson caught up with him, as he shared some advice for this team that is badly in need of a rebuild. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)
  • While the big-league team has endured a tremendous amount of struggles this season, many prospects in the organization took a big step forward in 2012. Here's an end-of-the-season top 10 prospect list from the guys at Sox Prospects. (Mike Andrews; ESPN Boston)
  • One of my favorite parts about baseball is that the game can't end in a tie, and they play until they drop. However, there is reason to believe that long. marathon affairs can have lasting effects on a baseball team. Shane Tourtellotte takes a look at how much merit these claims have. (Shane Tourtellotte; Hardball Times)
  • It's been a foregone conclusion for the past couple of weeks that Bobby Valentine would not be returning as this team's manager in 2013. Don't tell that to him, though, because he's still fully confident he'll remain with the team for next season. (Maureen Mullen; CSN New England)
  • There has been a lot of talk surrounding the AL MVP race, as it has turned into a battle between "traditionalists" and "saber-nerds." However, there's an even more interesting race shaping up in the NL, with about five reasonable candidates for their MVP. (Bill Parker; Platoon Advantage)
  • This coming offseason will bring a lot of story lines, including what they'll do about their starting pitching, what they'll do with Ellsbury, and whether or not Ross and Ortiz will be brought back. Another interesting thing to watch for is what they'll do with their incumbent starting catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia. (Pete Abraham;
  • As the season winds down, a lot of the talk around the game is dedicated to who will win each award, and who actually deserves it. Over at Baseball Prospectus, their staff broke the mold, instead looking at nine awards that should be handed out at seasons end. (Baseball Prospectus Staff)