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Daily Red Sox Links: John Farrell, Mark Appel, Pedro Martinez

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Daily Red Sox Links brings you the best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing on the internet. Today we look at stories including John Farrel's potential to come to Boston, the Red Sox new offseason approach, and a list of the worst calls in MLB history.

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Well, we only have one more home game left in this miserable season. Last night, the team held a wonderful ceremony welcoming back all of the members of the 2004 World Series championship roster. It was nice to see those great players, including Mike Timlin, Alan Embree and Jason Shiell (who?), before seeing one of the worst lineups I've ever seen. Tonight, they will end their 100th season at Fenway by honoring an All-Fenway team.

  • As has been talked about ad nauseum, it is becoming more and more likely that Bobby Valentine will not be managing this team in 2013. Though I'm not exactly sure I understand the love affair, John Farrell has been discussed as a possible managerial candidate for years now. With the Yunel Escobar scandal from the other day, Farrell may not be long for Toronto anymore. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston)
  • Looking ahead to next season, and more specifically the draft, WEEI has been running a series on potential draftees for the Red Sox in June of 2013. This time, they look at Mark Appel, who was selected by Pittsburgh with the number eight overall pick this year, but failed to sign. (Christopher Benvie;
  • We all know the Red Sox performance has been less than optimal this season, and a big reason for this has been giving out big, long-term contracts. (Cough, John Lackey, Cough) However, it seems the team will be looking to mildly shift their offseason philosophy. (Dave Cameron; Fangraphs)
  • The Red Sox have used nine different starting pitchers this season, which is just about on par for the league average. Over at Beyond the Boxscore, James Gentile takes a look at how the league has been trending in numbers of starting pitching used in a season. (James Gentile; Beyond the Boxscore)
  • Last night's 2004 team reunion was all kinds of awesome, as were the many in-game booth appearances by many of the players. In a media session, Pedro Martinez (Last night made me miss him so much) shared this gem of a story. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal)
  • Jay Jaffe discusses some of the managers that would appear to be on the chopping block this offseason. I wonder if Bobby V is included in this list! (Jay Jaffe; Sports Illustrated)
  • As I said, last night's ceremony was phenomenal, and was a bright spot in a season that hasn't seen many. People like Michael Silverman who are dwelling on the fact that it's only been eight years are completely missing the point. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald)
  • The big topic of discussion throughout the sports world yesterday was the horrible officiating in the Packers-Seahawks game Monday night. In light of this, here is a list of ten of the worst blown calls in MLB history. (Joe Lucia; The Outside Corner)
  • I would think that most Red Sox fans who are lucky enough to watch all the games on NESN would be huge fans of Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. Their great sense of humor and even better chemistry makes for an extremely enjoyable viewing-experience. On top of that, they were recently named the least biased announcing duo in the sport. (Doug Kyed; NESN)
  • The 2012 season has been a strange one across baseball, and not just in Boston. There have been teams that have been unexpectedly good at baseball - looking at your, Baltimore - and others who have mysteriously sputtered - unfortunately, the Red Sox embody this group. Grant Brisbee looks at some of the most disappointing teams this year, and somehow doesn't mention our hometown team! Huzzah! (Grant Brisbee; Baseball Nation)