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Daily Red Sox Links: Cody Ross, Brandon Workman, John Lackey

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Daily Red Sox Links brings you the best in Red Sox and baseball-related writing on the internet. Today's linkage brings you pieces on Cody Ross, Brandon Workman, the AL MVP race, Derek Jeter, and the worst baseball movies ever.

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I've never felt the way about a season that I do about this one. On one hand I know I'll miss baseball when it's gone and nothing marks the time like the Red Sox playing each day, but on the other I just want this colossal mess to be over with. Enough with Bobby Valentine, enough with awful starting pitching, and enough with split-squad lineups. Enough. Good riddance, 2012 baseball season.

Jay Jaffe looks at the Red Sox season, what went right, what went wrong (spoiler: almost everything) and gives his outlook on the organization going forward. (Jay Jaffe; SI's Hit and Run)

Cody Ross has had a strange and nomadic career. Alex Speier takes a gander at where Cody has been. (Alex Speier;

Two years ago the Red Sox drafted starting pitcher Brandon Workman (Best. Pitcher. Name. Ever.). Since then Workman has worked (Ha!) to refine his pitch selection. Now it might be fair to say he's a different guy than the Red Sox picked. (Brian MacPherson; The Providence Journal)

The AL MVP debate is heating up, except it really shouldn't be. This is a no-brainer, folks, a point that Brian Kenny makes quite well. (Brian Kenny;

What would Derek Jeter look like in a Red Sox uniform? Or, indeed, in any other team's uniform. Sit down. Your mind is about to be blown. (Darren Kritzer; The Score's Getting Blanked Blog)

The real trouble with Trouble With The Curve. (Emma Span; Sports on Earth)

As of this writing MLB Trade Rumors' Reverse Standings have the Red Sox in eighth place, though this is being written before Monday's games. Don't worry though, it'll be updated by the time you click this link. (Reverse Standings; MLB Trade Rumors)

Cody Ross has been keeping a diary at ESPN Boston. This is his final entry of the season. Today's realization: the most generous player "maybe ever?" John Lackey! (Cody Ross; ESPN Boston)

What are the worst baseball movies? Pretty much these. (Sam Miller; Baseball Prospectus) (free!)

On Lingerie, Escobar's Eye Black, and Baseball's Double Standard: a very well done piece by Cee Angi. (Cee Angi; The Platoon Advantage)

All hail Bud? Yeah, I guess... (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)

This never happened. Except, it did. (Ben Lindbergh; Baseball Prospectus) (free!)