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Red Sox Might Need New Manager, But It Won't Be Mike Scioscia

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Red Sox fans have been a little conflicted as of late. Many want Bobby Valentine to be let go during the off-season, a situation that would result in a new manager for Boston. When there were rumors that the new manager could be the Angels' Mike Scioscia, though, should he be fired by Los Angeles, the idea of holding onto Valentine for another year didn't sound so bad to some anymore. (Specifically, Ben Buchanan, who begins to froth at the mouth at the mere mention of Scioscia in a non-Simpsons context.)

Buster Olney initially mentioned Scioscia as an option for Boston, but that option has been taken off of the hypothetical table, with Angels' owner Arte Moreno endorsing both Scioscia and general manager Jerry Dipoto, saying they'll both be Angels in 2013:

Angels owner Arte Moreno told on Saturday that Scioscia would return regardless of what happens in the team's remaining games, and said Dipoto would return, too...

...Scioscia said after the game Moreno told him "a long time ago" that he would return in 2014. Scioscia, the longest tenured manager in the major leagues, signed a 10-year contract in January 2010 that runs through 2018.

There are (finger quotes) endorsements, and there are owners saying that this guy will be back next season regardless of what happens the rest of the season. One sounds like an actual endorsement, so we'll take Moreno at his word on this one.