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Red Sox Instructional League Roster

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Thanks to Mike Andrews and the excellent folks at Sox Prospects, the rosters for the Florida instructional league are available online for your perusal. There will be 40 members of the Red Sox organization down there as of this weekend, getting more work in to prepare for 2013 and their future as prospects. Or, in the case of John Lackey, to get himself better prepared for the rigors of a starting job in the majors once more.

Instructionals are basically an extended version of rookie league, and is used mostly for those who have been drafted recently, as well as players who could use a bit more seasoning. Matt Barnes was in instructionals last year, before making his pro debut in 2013.

There are loads of 2012 draftees included here, even if they already played in short-season ball. Deven Marrero, Mike Augliera, Justin Haley, and plenty more we already covered this year in our Lowell Spinners updates are all involved. Full rosters after the jump, or at Sox Prospects.

Augliera, Michael
Buttrey, Ty
Callahan, Jaime
Cuevas, William
Ethington, Willie
Haley, Justin
Heras, Keivin
Kukuk, Cody
Light, Pat
Maddox, Austin
Mercedes, Simon
Montas, Francelis
Pena, Miguel
Ramirez, Noe
Romero, Dioscar
Spalding, Matt
Wendelken, JB
Williams, Stephen
Younginer, Madison

Sopilka, David
Suarez, Alixon
Swihart, Blake
Weems, Jordan

Betts, Mookie
Cecchini, Garin
Flores, Raymel
Lin, Tzu-Wei
Lopez, Deiner
Marrero, Deven
Minnich, Nathan
Moore, Nick
Rondon, Cleuluis
Shaw, Travis

Conklin, Iseha
De La Cruz, Keury
Koback, Cody
Margot, Manuel
Perkins, Kendrick
Ramos, Henry
Tavarez, Aneury