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Bobby Valentine Ejected, Sets Red Sox Record

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No Red Sox manager or player has ever been ejected six times in a season. Well, until Wednesday night, anyway, when Bobby Valentine was booted for the half-dozenth time in 2012 in a game against the New York Yankees. While previous manager, Terry Francona, was ejected five times on two different occasions, he never got that extra boot to push him to six. is mostly good but occasionally lame; right now, it's being lame, so you can watch the ejections of Cody Ross and Bobby Valentine there, rather than embedded here.

Six is a lot of ejections for Boston, but it's not a lot historically. The most ejections in a season in the American League comes courtesy of Paul Richards, who was given the boot a dozen times back in 1956, and in the National League, John McGraw was tossed 13 times in 1905. Earl Weaver has the career mark in the AL with 98, and Bobby Cox, king of all things ejection, comes in at 132 in his lengthy career.

Is it wrong to hope that Valentine just goes all out over the next few weeks, and tries to get tossed another four or five times, just to make this record stand for some time? That, and the possibility of donning a disguise.