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The Over The Monster Podcast - Episode 65 - Around The Horn: Pedro Ciriaco, Ryan Lavarnway, and What Ever Is Left


Yes, the Red Sox are awful. But that's no reason to avoid the Over The Monster Podcast. This week's podcast looks at some of the unsung heroes of the 2012 Red Sox and asks, can they help the 2013 Red Sox?

Is Pedro Ciriaco a starter next year? Is he a bench player? Is he a Tripe-A bench player in some other organization? We'll explore and discuss the possibilities. The future of Ryan Lavarnway is an interesting one. Can he catch at the big league level? What's wrong, if anything, with his bat? Does having Saltalamacchia kill Lavarnway's playing time? Is this instructed by the Padres catching situation (hint: yes, it is)? And finally, the back of the Red Sox bullpen: questions need answers! Can Andrew Bailey and Mark Melancon do for the Red Sox in 2013 what we had hoped they'd do in 2012? Yes! Maybe! No! Who knows! We do! Maybe! Either way, tune in and listen to the answers right here on the 65th Over The Monster Podcast!

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