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Red Sox Sign Scott Podsednik. Again.


Per Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox have brought Scott Podsednik right back to Boston for a second go-around.

This time, though, it's on a major league deal, and Ryan Kalish is headed to Pawtucket.

The Red Sox were in need of outfield depth with Daniel Nava on the disabled list, and Podsednik is, if nothing else, the familiar name. He hit .387/.409/.484 in 70 trips to the plate, even if in a completely unsustainable fashion, and will at least keep Adrian Gonzalez out of right field.

The Sox had previously signed Podsednik on a minor league deal, sending him to the Diamondbacks as part of the Craig Breslow deal at the trade deadline.

Ryan Kalish, of course, has struggled mightily in his short time with the Sox, hitting .203/.241/.247 in 79 trips to the plate. He's got just the one option year left, however, so the Sox will have to figure out where he stands with the team sooner rather than later.