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David Ortiz To Seek "Alternate Treatment" For Achilles Injury

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David Ortiz has been out since exiting the game on July 16, following an Adrian Gonzalez homer. Of all the plays to injure himself on, Ortiz did so by stepping on second base awkwardly, rounding the bases on Gonzalez's dinger.

Ortiz and the Red Sox weren't even sure if a disabled list trip would be necessary at first, but he was placed on the 15-day DL, and then didn't even come off when it was believed he first would. It was reported that he was "pain free" late last week, but he missed the entirety of the Twins series -- one in which the Red Sox could have used his bat -- and is now slated to seek "alternate treatment" as early as Monday.

From Ian Browne's notes:

"I'm thinking about it. Not cortisone," Ortiz said. "I have to talk to the doctors. I have to get more information. The doctors have given me some ideas, because I'm still very sore. I have to talk to them to see what's up."


"What they've been talking about is like anesthesia. It's like when you go to the dentist and they try and numb something. That would be around the tendon, get rid of some of the inflammation.

There's no word on how soon after this Ortiz would return, if it even occurs, but at this point, if it's not going to make things any worse, it's worth looking in to.