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Franklin Morales Sent To Disabled List With Tired Shoulder

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Franklin Morales is headed to the disabled list with a tired shoulder just four starts into his return to the rotation.

While it's a bit of disheartening news for those hoping that Franklin Morales might be a starter long-term, given his impressive showing earlier in the year as the Sox struggled to put together a five-man rotation, all hope is not lost. After a pair of disaster starts against New York and Los Angeles, Morales had reached nearly 75 innings on the season. This after having pitched no more than 53 last year between the majors and minors.

Though it's not clear yet whether the team's long-term plans include Morales in the bullpen or the rotation, there is no reason to exclude him from the latter based just on this. He has stayed consistent through much longer campaigns back when he was a starter in the minors, and it's hard to judge based on performance in a year where he made the transition as a spot starter.

The move opens up a roster space for Alfredo Aceves, returning to the team after his three-game suspension.