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Weekly Recap for August 25th

Wait, why is the dugout empty? Guys?  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Wait, why is the dugout empty? Guys? (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to the first recap of the post (well, kind of post, the deal's not final yet) megatrade era. Honestly, it's going to be pretty bare-bones, since none of you are looking to reminisce about the week. Tomorrow there'll be an all-transaction recap to go along with the Sunday discussion (guess what we'll be discussing!). For now, though, here are a few of the things we did get to talk about this week, before everything went sideways.

Ben did a bit of dreaming, imagining the lineup we all thought we'd be seeing this year. Which admittedly looks a bit silly right now. A call was made for the Sox to stop giving the media fodder for cheap-shot articles. Trading away a quarter-billion dollars worth of contracts is admittedly the "blow everything out the airlock" method of this, but hey, whatever works.

A not-terrible start by Josh Beckett against the Yankees got us thinking that he might get on the right track. Which he might yet do in Los Angeles. Marc discussed whether or not Boston's sweep at the hands of the Angels might get us focused on next year. Along "next year" lines, we got a look at Boston's 2012 first-rounder Deven Marrero, and a roundup on the Sox farm system with Baseball Prospectus's Kevin Goldstein.

Matt Sullivan broke down Daniel Nava's Red Sox career, and how he fits on the team going forward. Ben gave everyone a chance to build their own Sox rotation, which admittedly just got a bit trickier. I flipped through the game logs to find out why a team that scores so much can't win consistently. Finally, Marc took us down memory lane to look at the 1997 Red Sox, the last Fenway squad to finish under .500.

More tomorrow, of course, once the dust settles and we know what's going on with this trade. What a ridiculous weekend.