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Abraham: Carl Crawford To Request Tommy John Surgery

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According to Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe, Carl Crawford wants to have Tommy John Surgery, and will soon request that the organization allow him to have it next week.

Even before Carl Crawford made his return to the team there was the suggestion that he would eventually need the procedure on his ailing arm. Still hoping for some miracle run at the playoffs, the team decided to bring Crawford back either with or without specific rest plans depending on who you ask (Bobby Valentine and the medical staff have each pointed the finger at the other). Now, however, with the Sox in white flag territory, Crawford may feel more comfortable seeking the surgery he's seemed to want the whole time.

Ben Cherington has responded to the report by saying that Crawford has so far made no such request, but that's not terribly surprising since Abraham's statement would suggest that's to come in the next couple of days. The GM added that the decision on Crawford's surgery would not take into account the team's place in the standings.

If Crawford were to get surgery, he'd likely be back around the beginning of next season, since Tommy John Surgery does not take as long to recover from for position players as pitchers, with the most common estimate being thrown around one of 5-6 months.

Of course, we were supposed to get the left fielder back early this year, too, and we all know how that went down.