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Red Sox 4, Yankees 6: Home Run Derby


Franklin Morales simply can't keep the ball in the park against the New York Yankees.

Entering his July 7 game against the Yankees, Morales had allowed two homers in 43 innings of work. That night, he surrendered four in 3.1, with his ERA jumping from 2.51 to 3.52. He had gone without another one until his last start in Cleveland, but even then it was just the single long ball.

Tonight? Another four. Swisher, Granderson, Martin, Jeter. Four homers, four earned runs in four innings.

It's hard to explain, and so I really won't try. The Yankees hit homers, yes, and their park is homer-friendly, but this? This is just bizarre.

So much for the whole getting fired up to face the Yankees thing. The Sox did have the one good inning in the third, scoring four runs against Phil Hughes--three of them on a Dustin Pedroia home run--but other than that they were completely inept at the plate.

Add in another homer off Clayton Mortensen, and one run put together on smaller hits in the fifth, and you've got one truly terrible night. No silver linings for the Red Sox this time.