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Filed under: Marc Normandin And Ted Berg Preview Red Sox/Yankees

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Before every Red Sox/Yankees series,'s Ted Berg is kind enough to invite me on his "Know Your Enemy" segment, to talk a bit about what the Sox have been up to lately, both good and bad. This time around, though, with all that's going on with the Red Sox, the format was a bit different, with Berg (a Mets fan who knows his Bobby Valentine well) curious about how things are going out here in those regards.

My bit is audio-only with an Over the Monster logo taking place of my face, but the video itself is here for your viewing pleasure. It gets a little more clubhouse-y then you might be used to from me, but that's what the topic at hand is going to be in a week when that's all that comes out from national and local media, and when the Red Sox are losing ground to the Orioles in the standings.