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Daily Red Sox Links: Bobby Valentine, Clay Buchholz, Jose Iglesias


Usually a win makes everything feel better. At this point though, that's a bit too tall an order.

With all the drama surrounding the Red Sox, you might think that the manager's job would be on the line. And of course it is. But if Bobby Valentine does lose his job it won't be before the end of the season according to Larry Lucchino. How Lucchino knows that, he isn't the GM after all, I'm not sure. (No author listed; ESPN Boston)

Yesterday on these very virtual pages, Marc Normandin argued for bringing Jose Iglesias up from Triple-A. Our own Mr. Normandin isn't the only one with that line of thinking. Supporting evidence is provided by Mr. Aaron Goldsmith who sees Iglesias each night and knows, not only what he can do, but what he has done. (Aaron Goldsmith; 45 Miles From Fenway)

Jay Jaffe echos my thoughts on the whole Valentine situation when he says:

But while few of the team’s problems may be directly attributable to his work as manager, it’s increasingly clear he’s a poor fit for a club that is apparently in need of a massive cultural overhaul

I'm not sure I'd say "massive" just because that's the kind of thing that is hard to know for certain (maybe Mr. Jaffe knows, but I sure don't). Other than that, absolutely. (Jay Jaffe;

Possibly lost in the hullabaloo is that Clay Buchholz did something last night that was more rare than a no-hitter: an immaculate inning. What is that, you ask? Read on! (Allan; Joy of Sox)

John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus was recently in the fabled Red Sox clubhouse. He was not impressed. (John Perrotto; Baseball Prospectus)

Would increasing the penalty for being caught using PEDs decrease the number of users? Of course not. The Common Man explains. (The Common Man; The Platoon Advantage)

Ian Cundall of Sox Prospects is attending minor league games and providing us all with some fun scouting information about our beloved Red Sox prospects. Here he looks at five prospects including recent first round draft pick Deven Marrero. (Ian Cundall; Sox Prospects)

Stephen Strasburg is getting shut down. Probably. At some point. We don't know when. Some people don't think that's the best of ideas. Like Joe Sheehan of SI. Here is his solution. (Joe Sheehan;

What should we do when players are caught using PEDs? Well, that's an open question, but there are certainly some people who have solutions to offer, even if those solutions are, shall we say, a bit odd. (Craig Calcaterra; Hardball Talk)

'Should the Mariners trade Felix Hernandez?' is a question seemingly as old as the tides. (Matthew Pouliot; Hardball Talk)