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Johnny Pesky Dies At 92

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RIP Johnny Pesky: 1919 - 2012  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
RIP Johnny Pesky: 1919 - 2012 (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Johnny Pesky, former Red Sox infielder, commentator, and constant presence with the team to this day, has died at age 92.

This according to the Boston Herald's Steve Buckley.

Pesky played eight seasons with the Red Sox from 1942 to 1952, missing 1943-1945 due to military service in World War II. While he would be traded to the Tigers in '52, Pesky would eventually return to his original team in 1960 as a minor league manager, and hasn't left since. He's spent time as the team's manager, a color commentator, and for the last few decades, an ambassador. A constant fixture at team events, the all-time Red Sox infielder helped bridge the gap from team to team throughout the years, reminding us that the Red Sox are more than just the current roster and record.

Pesky's memory will live on in Fenway so long as it stands, both in the retired number six that sits in between Joe Cronin's four and Carl Yastrzemski's eight, as well as in the right field foul pole he gave his name to despite hitting just six Fenway homers in his career.

Whether it's Truck Day, Opening Day, or any game day from the start of April to the end of October, the Red Sox will be missing something without Johnny Pesky.