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Paw Sox 1, Yankees 6: Bush League

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You play a Triple-A lineup, you get a Triple-A result.

With Adrian Gonzalez, David Ortiz, and Mike Aviles the only regular starters in the lineup, what was really expected of the Red Sox? Another embarrassing result leaves them with another embarassing trip back to .500, which they will say goodbye to one way or another in just a few short hours.

There's not even much to read into this one at the plate. But for David Ortiz, who reached base all four times he came to the plate (three walks and a Fenway single off the wall), there just wasn't anything forthcoming. Freddy Garcia is not a good pitcher, but when he only really has to deal with one or two threats, he can pull it off. It would be one of those games you could just wash your hands of had it not been for the long run of bad offensive results, the dire situation the Sox' season finds itself in, and the fact that the Sox aren't necessarily going to be at full strength again anytime soon.

The real concern for today has to be that surrounding Franklin Morales. After dominating in his first few starts against weak competiton, Morales was hammered by the Yankees for four homers. It was a failure in an important challenge, and one Morales will have to live down at another date. If there's anything to be said for him, it's that he may have gotten rattled early when the Yankees took full advantage when he challenged them with fastballs. He didn't pitch awfully in the first, he just got beat.

They'll be back at it later tonight, hoping to finally find that elusive win, but right now there's no reason to expect much out of this bunch.