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Saturday Red Sox Lineup: Not Even A Mother Could Love It

To put it simply: this may be the worst Red Sox lineup to play in a meaningful game in a decade.

Let's just get it out there:


Daniel Nava, LF Derek Jeter, DH
Pedro Ciriaco, 2B Mark Teixeira, 1B
David Ortiz, DH Alex Rodriguez, 3B
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B Robinson Cano, 2B
Mauro Gomez, 3B Nick Swisher, RF
Ryan Kalish, CF Andruw Jones, LF
Mike Aviles, SS Jayson Nix, SS
Kelly Shoppach, C Darnell McDonald, CF
Brent Lillibridge, RF Chris Stewart, C

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

Of the nine starters, three factored into the initial starting-nine to begin the season; four if you count Kelly Shoppach, but given that Garcia is right-handed...

Furthermore, of the five other players, you have two Quadruple-A players never supposed to sniff the starting lineup in Ciriaco and Gomez, one journeyman in Nava whose career seemed over before it really began last year, and a dreaded "versatile" type in Brent Lillibridge.

This is the starting lineup put on the field by the Boston Red Sox in July 2012 as they fight for their lives against their ultimate rivals.

How have we fallen so far?

The good news is that Freddy Garcia is the type of pitcher who could give up seven runs to this sort of group. We can only hope.