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Daniel Nava: Hot Topic Du Jour

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This has been a season of surprises and nobody has been more surprising than Red Sox left fielder Daniel Nava. This being OTM, you're all likely familiar with Nava's story. It's been told, and re-told, and re-re-told, so I figured, why not tell it again? So I did:

Daniel Nava is a guy who spent a year of college eligibility cleaning the underwear of guys who now have to pay to see him play. Not only that, but he’s been the Red Sox’ most productive outfielder to date. Not only that, but Nava has been the 49th most productive hitter in baseball this season, more valuable than Hanley Ramirez, Joe Mauer, Ian Kinsler, and tied with Adam Dunn.

Nava's exceptional season remains one of the better stories of the year in baseball, so it never hurts to refresh on his story and what he's done this year. Specifically, there is one at-bat against Justin Verlander that stands out, and I go into depth on that.

It was behind the pay-wall at Baseball Prospectus until today when I asked and the powers that be (a.k.a. Ben Lindbergh) acquiesced to bringing it out from behind said wall and into the light for you, dear OTM reader, to enjoy. I hope you do.