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Minor League Ball, Updated Top 120 Prospects, And The Red Sox

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John Sickels produces prospect content for SB Nation, and part of that is putting together top prospect lists. Sickels had a pre-season one, but now that we're halfway through the season, and promotions have claimed many a prospect's rookie status, it's time to revamp the list and see what the minors look like now. This, in turn, means it's time to get an updated look at what others think about the Red Sox system.

You can see the full 120 at Minor League Ball, but here, for your viewing convenience, are the Red Sox prospects in their new slots, along with their former ones. (Before you dive in, know that Sickels has not included any 2012 draft picks in this list; don't take the lack of a Deven Marrero mention to mean anything just yet, basically.)

11: Xander Bogaerts, SS (previously 30)

36: Jackie Bradley, CF (previously unranked)

41: Matt Barnes, RHP (previously 74)

59: Ryan Lavarnway, C (previously 97)

90: Blake Swihart, C (previously unranked)

105: Brandon Jacobs, LF (previously 89)

119: Henry Owens, LHP (previously unranked)

Now there's an impressive collection of talent. Will Middlebrooks is no longer eligible, as his rookie status has dried up, but strong first halves not only boosted the ratings for Bogaerts, Barnes, and Lavarnway, but also popped the likes of Bradley, Swihart, and Owens on to the list at all -- and, in the case of Bradley, in a very visible, very lofty spot. Brandon Jacobs is the lone prospect to see a drop back, but, if you've been following along here, that shouldn't be a huge surprise, either, given he has as many holes as tools in his game at this stage.

Anyone you believe should be ranked higher? Lower? Did Sickels miss on any Red Sox prospects? In his "Other Players Considered" section, Sickels lists plenty more Sox farmhands, with Bryce Brentz, Garin Cecchini, and Jose Vinicio all making an appearance. Should any of those have been in the top 120 instead of any of the listed Sox prospects?

The season isn't over yet, but with seven in the top 120, and three other convincing cases behind that -- say, 10 in the top 150 -- the Red Sox just might have a top 10 system again, especially given the star-level power that Bogaerts, Bradley, and Barnes might be exuding. For a team with financial resources as well, that's a scary prospect for everyone else's future.