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World Series Championship For Sale

Not this type, sadly. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Not this type, sadly. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We've reached the time of year where everyone is either buying or selling, trying to win it all this year or put themselves in a good position to do so in the future. For many Red Sox fans, looking at a sub-.500 record in late July, there is little expectation that the Red Sox will be buyers this year trailing seven teams in the wild card race.

But I'm here with news: there is a World Series Championship to be bought, and the Red Sox are expected to be amongst the highest bidders.

One problem: it's from 1912.

It seems that the World Series trophy from 1912 is up for auction. 100 years ago the Red Sox took a remarkably close best-of-seven series 4-3 over the New York Giants. How close was it? It was so close that it took eight games to decide a winner, including a 6-6 tie in Game 2. They took the first game 2-1, the fourth 3-1, the fifth 2-1, and had to go into the tenth, where Larry Gardner hit a walkoff sacrifice fly to win their third World Series.

Now the shiny silver trophy made to commemorate said event is up for sale, and the Red Sox are expected to try to bring the piece back, likely at a few hundred thousand dollars (per Leonard Neslin at

There are lots of things the Red Sox could use that money for these days. Money can stack up a few hundred thousand dollars at a time even for a baseball team, and with the likes of Carl Crawford and John Lackey still stuck on payroll, well...

Still, with all the other things this organization has been dropping cash on (say...Bobby Valentine), this would actually be a decent gift to the fans. We don't have a ton to be happy about this year, but the loyalty runs deep with the team and its history, even as far back as 1912. Maybe it's just the history buff in me talking, but bringing a piece of the team's past like this back into the family would be a nice gesture.