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Cody Ross Bat Flip

Getty Images

Maybe you're wondering why we're bothering to post Cody Ross' walk-off, three-run homer from Thursday night's game against the White Sox. Wonder no more! has the most inconsistent video embedding around, and for whatever reason, the Ross video has been deemed something that can be embedded. So, here you are.

That pitch from Addison Reed missed inside by a mile, right in Cody Ross' wheelhouse, and he just crushed it to deep left, over the Monster. That's been a favorite place for Ross while at Fenway, where he's hitting .288/.351/.652 with 11 of his 16 homers this year.

It's a little more surprising that this bomb came against a right-hander -- Ross has hit "just" .248/.320/.458 against his fellow righties -- as Ross has spent most of his 2012 campaign just annihilating any southpaw who dares throw it down the plate. His performance against righties is about 20 percent better than league average, but against lefties, he's 120 percent better, to the tune of .329/.407/.814.

All in all, it was a fine way to end the series, and the Red Sox are suddenly 5-2 against competitive teams coming out of the All-Star break.

[Update 10:46 am] Over the Monster reader and Red Sox blogger in his own right John Leary has some .gifs of the wonderful Cody Ross bat flip over at his site. Head over there to see all of them, but I've shared my personal, slow-motion favorite after the jump.