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Favorite Red Sox Highlight: The Steal

The Red Sox have any number of great moments in their long and storied history. From no-hitters to walkoffs. Fisk waving it fair, Excellence by the likes of Pedro and, admittedly, Roger Clemens in games both standard and All-Star. J.D. Drew's grand slam in 2007, and Dave Henderson's 1986 ALCS shot which started a comeback that brought the Sox, one strike away from elimination in Game 5, all the way to the World Series.

But that's the second division of highlights, because with this team nothing will ever be able to compete with the series of miracles that took place in October, 2004.

Somehow, though, the moment that has won out over all the others in the minds of Red Sox fans is not from the World Series, but the ALCS. It's not either of the two David Ortiz walk off hits, Mark Bellhorn's Game 6 shot, or Johnny Damon's Game 7 grand slam that let us know that, yes, this really was happening. It wasn't even Curt Schilling and his bloody sock pitching seven innings.

No, for most Red Sox fans, the truly iconic moment is the steal.

We all know the story: up three games and one run in the ninth inning, the Yankees send Mariano Rivera out to the mound to finish the job. Enter Sandman has been the death knell for so many a team, and the Red Sox for all the world looked ready to become the newest victim.

Kevin Millar, however, had other thoughts, drawing a leadoff walk. Terry Francona turned to the bench for a pinch runner, and out came Dave Roberts. Mariano knew he was going to steal, Jorge Posada knew it too. Every legitimate Red Sox fan in Fenway and back home knew he was going to go. Mariano threw over once, twice, three times, but his fourth throw came home.

Roberts took off, Posada threw to second, and while it gets closer each and every time, Roberts' hand beat the tag, safe. Bill Mueller brought him in with a base hit up the middle, and the comeback was on.