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2012 MLB Draft: Boston Red Sox Select Mike Augliera At #181

With Boston's fifth-round pick (and their seventh pick overall), the Red Sox selected Mike Augliera out of Binghamton University. He's a right-handed, 6-foot, 200 pound pitcher, and a 22-year-old senior as of this Saturday.

As he's a senior, Augliera has very little leverage in negotiations relative to younger college players -- he can't exactly go back to school for another year to hold out -- so it's likely this is a player that the Red Sox like, but one they will be able to save some money on, money that can be used for other picks like their previous one, Ty Buttrey.

Control is his thing, as he walked just seven hitters in 82-2/3 innings this year, against 83 strikeouts. While not as dominating in terms of control in the past, he's never had much of a problem handing out walks at the collegiate level, and that resulted in his league-leading 11.9 K/BB in 2012.


This officially brings Boston to the part of the draft where no one has prepared scouting reports for those players being selected (in fact,'s live stream of the draft avoided saying even a single word about Augliera the pitcher when he was picked, instead focusing on where he came from). We'll keep you up-to-date on the remaining Boston picks today, when we present you with the Red Sox selections for rounds six through 10 tomorrow morning.