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2012 MLB Draft: Boston Red Sox Select Jamie Callahan At #87

With their first pick of the second day of the 2012 MLB Draft, the Boston Red Sox selected 17-year-old Jamie Callahan, a right-handed pitcher out of Dillon High School in South Carolina.

The pick represents probably the greatest focus on upside by the Sox so far in this draft. Callahan's fastball already sits around 90 by most reports with the ability to hit 94. Callahan also features a slider, curveball, and changeup, with most agreeing that his curveball is his strongest offering at the moment.

Things get interesting when it comes to his other two pitches. Baseball America and disagree on which is the better offering right now, with BA calling his slider a "good breaking ball...with short break and depth" and the changeup a "pitch he'll need to work on.", on the other hand, calling his slider inconsistent but giving his changeup a chance to become a plus pitch down the road.

The Sox will have to sign Callahan away from a commitment to South Carolina, but there's no indication that he will be particularly difficult to sign him on.