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Red Sox Sign High Schooler Ty Buttrey

If you were wondering what the Red Sox were signing all of those college seniors well under slot for, here's your answer: Ty Buttrey, the 19-year-old high school senior selected in the fourth round, was inked to the largest bonus outside of the first two rounds of the draft.

Buttrey was ranked #38 on Baseball America's top 200 draft prospects list, and the Red Sox did what they've done in the past under the old draft rules, prying a high schooler away from college with bucket of money. The $1.3 million Buttrey signed for is one million and change higher than his $291,300 slot recommendation as a fourth-round pick.

This signing puts Boston over their allotted budget for the first 10 rounds by $31,700, but it's not a problem: their second selection, Brian Johnson, is expected to sign for under his $1.575M slot recommendation, and even if he doesn't, Boston has roughly $344,000 of wiggle room over their budget before incurring any kind of penalty.

Boston has signed everyone from the first 10 rounds except for Deven Marrero, Johnson, and Austin Maddox. The latter two are members of Florida State, and can't sign until the College World Series has ended. Marrero might just be waiting until the Red Sox know how much money they have to offer him, as he might end up signing for an over slot price, given his expected draft placement versus where Boston picked him.