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Lowell Spinners To Start Next Monday

This season, rather than just giving you updates on the Red Sox farm system every now and again, we've been giving you weekly looks at a trio of players, each day dedicated to a different level: Tuesday for Low-A Greenville, Wednesday for High-A Salem, Thursday for Double-A Portland, and Friday for Triple-A Pawtucket. Monday has been left open to this point, but that's because short-season leagues had not started up yet. As of Monday, June 18, though, that will be in the past.

The Lowell Spinners open their season at home next Monday, and while the rosters aren't finalized just yet, expect to see a mix of players that the Red Sox just drafted last week (the ones who sign in time to play, anyway) as well as players who are already part of the organization. Seeing familiar faces at this level isn't always a good thing -- the 20-year-old Seth Schwindenhammer is in Lowell for his third go-round, for instance -- while others are nothing short of wonderful to see in action again -- looking at you, Ryan Westmoreland.

The short-season calendar expires in the first week of September, but that gives us updates for two-plus months worth of baseball. It's the earliest in action you get to see many of the franchise's newest names -- is there anyone in particular you're excited to see this year at Lowell? Personally, I'm hopeful that Pat Light and Jamie Callahan both sign in time to be part of Lowell's season. I would say Mike Augliera, who led the NCAA in K/BB this year, but I'm thinking, given his age, ability to throw strikes, and immediate signing, he's slated for Greenville once Boston is ready to see him in action.